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Jan 15, 2015 · When Jupiter is in the eighth house, you are a person who is blessed with intuition and other people’s resources. Out of all the placements of Jupiter, this is the most beneficial. You will be taken care of financially and materially by others in your life.
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Posts about Scorpio stellium written by Neeti. In my work I see some remarkable truths. Even as I sit and explain to a person that they have this situation that has held them back all their lives, and even as I see them struggle to comprehend the truth and anguish of it, I, who witness it every day, am forcefully reminded of the wonder of this fleeting, myopic life we have and the axiomatic ...
The 8th House is an engaging thriller. Zoe Zignego is a psychic who ends up in danger when she sees too much while helping the police find a serial killer "The Astrologer". I enjoyed this story and found it to be well written and engaging, keeping my attention from start to finish with death, danger, suspense, and intrigue.
Those born with their natal Mars in the 8th House will charge head first into the objects of their desire. The war torn planet of Mars is saturated in Scorpio’s home, Pluto’s 8th House, where twin themes of destruction emerge and bind to our deepest and murkiest secrets.
Dec 06, 2009 · Neptune now trines this 8th house stellium. Composite Saturn return These are the major ones, not to mention the rest of the composite chart and the composite Star of David pattern configuration on both the natals and the progressed though slightly different houses and planets on each case.
Oct 13, 2015 · Saturn, the lord of Karmic justice being placed in ninth house at the time of birth of individual can imply varied meanings. Ninth house is the area of chart from where we see the level of blessings in life, life force inside induvial, level of awareness and possibilities of evolution. In more refined sense this house also tells us what can be the approach of a person in pursuit of material ...
I know it means I have a lot of planets in the 8th house but im confused if it is good or bad, and what does it mean for me? I have 8th houses in my Sun, Moon, Venus, Pluto, and Chiron. If it's any help, my Sun, Moon, and Chiron are in Scorpio and Venus and Pluto are in Sagittarius. I think I also have a Scorpio and Sagittarius stellium.
An 8th house stellium calls for a need to be in control of your own resources and finances, because if you are not, money/finances can plague you (so putting that energy into 2nd house themes can be very beneficial for you). Furthermore, you also have an innate knowledge of the deeper, darker and more occult subjects in life.
May 29, 2020 · Knowing what sign/planets you have in the 8th house can help you understand your shadow side and how you can integrate it into your personality in order to feel more whole. The 12 th House Ruled by watery Pisces, the 12th House is the most mysterious house of all.
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  • Jul 27, 2010 · If the opposition falls in the 8th and 2nd in Chart B, it may indicate an intense sexual attraction (stellium falling in the eighth) but be undermined by that Neptune falling in the second. Chart A’s lack of emotional grounding may cause Chart B to feel uncertain about it’s own worth, which may lead to difficulties with the sexual exchange.
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  • Dec 17, 2012 · 6 to 8 planets in Capricorn combust in the 8th house.
  • Apr 06, 2012 · I'm a ☼♌ ☽♍ ASC ♑♒ with Jupiter & Uranus Libra in the 9th house. Having Gemini on the 5th house cusp, my personal interests are plenty, varied, and hobbies often become something I do for a living because I have Gemini on the 6th house cusp too. I also have a Virgo stellium in the 8th house!

Dec 14, 2010 · I have a stellium in my 1st house with mercury, saturn, jupiter and pluto in libra. i have venus and uranus in scorpion. Mars in leo. A yod with my focal planet neptune in sagittarius. And a yod, focal planet chiron in the 8th house taurus . My lunar north node is at 0°01 Leo in the 10th house. I should be very social yet i’m a loner.

The 2nd House's Natural Planetary Ruler: Venus. The 2nd House's Natural Astrology Sign: Taurus. Characteristics of the 2nd House: While the 2nd House does cover money and resources, there's actually much more to it than that. At its essence, the 2nd House gives an in depth understanding about what you do to make yourself feel stable and secure. Become a Criterion Channel Subscriber! A movie lover’s dream, the Criterion Channel offers classics and discoveries from around the world, thematically programmed with special features, on a streaming service brought to you by the Criterion Collection. With constantly refreshed selections of Hollywood, international, art-house, and independent movies, plus access to Criterion’s entire ...
Sep 18, 2008 · Thus a stellium in the 8th house would indicate a fixation or a very deep interest in financial matters or those of a spiritual, (particularly occult )nature.A person with a lot of planets placed...

I have an 8th house stellium in Aries. The 8th house is the house of things that are hidden, taboos, things that people don't like to see, everything that is under the surface, things that are beyond people's control (that is what the other and unknown is, what is beyond the ability to see and control - which is why this placement gets the rep of being "scary" "impure" or "taboo"), the mysterious.

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The 8th house is a scary place, where things are hidden away, much like a dungeon, where our fear looms large. It's the house of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto (the god of the underworld). In synastry, the 8th house is primarily associated with sex, death/re-birth, and your partners resources.